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EY Technologies is a custom-engineering group providing creative answers to your industrial yarn requirements.

EY Technologies' products are linear composite materials based on man-made fiber substrates, usually treated with polymeric systems to enhance functional properties. Product end-markets include: electrical equipment, paper machine clothing, transportation, telecommunications, and composite industries.

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EY Technologies Company

Division of Pascale Industries
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EY Technologies' Textilur® Product Offerings Include:

VN Series PVC Coated Yarns:

Regular Performance: VN-4400 & VN-4000 both are vinyl coated nylon yarns designed for the braiding harness type construcitons of electrical wiring systems. The vinyl coating is fire resistant and contributes sufficient fire retardancy to the yarn.
High Performance: VN-4400S and VN-4000S Vinyl coated nylon yarn performs at higher temperatures for extended periods of time while retaining the properties of high fire retardancy, abrasion and oil resistance.

Braid Yarns Designed For Special Applications

EY-1877 Thermoplastic polyester elastomer coating over high tenacity polyester multifilament. Especially designed for immersion in hydraulic fluid, while meeting a service temperature range of -50°F to 280°F (-45°C to 138°C).
EY-2693 Polyurethane elastomer coating over Nylon multifilament, for applications requiring increased flexibility and high surface friction with good abrasion resistance.
EY-3071 Nylon 6-6 coating over high tenacity polyester multifilament. This yarn provides superior abrasion resistance, good heat stability and toughness.
EY-3023 Polyvinylidene fluoride extruded over high tenacity polyester multifilament. Designed to meet very demanding conditions within engine valve covers, with a temperature tolerance of -65°F to 300°F (-54°C to 150°C).

For Your Information:

Braid Considerations

We have made available some basic information you may want to consider about harness braiding.

EY Technologies Company
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