EY Technologies hot melt coated filaments are a unique combination of adhesive and fiber reinforcement that are customized to meet exacting application requirements. Through proper selection of resin, coating level and fiber, a coated yarn can be optimized for adhesion and reinforcement properties.

Hot melt yarns are typically used where a metered amount of adhesive is desired. These products allow for less demanding application needs since there is no need to deal with hot, viscous resin baths and their associated applications equipment. Improved economics are also an advantage since there is no equipment clean up or waste. Yarn application systems are less complex, clean operating, and are generally inexpensive compared to hot melt systems.

As usual, resins are selected for their adhesive properties and temperature characteristics. They generally are ethylene vinyl acetates, polyamides or polyesters. Solution dyed multifilament cores are also available for color coding.

If the application does not require a reinforcement, then a monofilament of resin will provide the same advantages of metered resin and ease of application. The tensile properties of monofilament products are limited to those properties inherent in the resin selected.

Some of the present products supplied by EY Technologies are detailed on this website. If there is a specific application to be met, one of these products may meet the requirement. If not, a custom designed product can be prepared. Samples of established products are generally available and are an easy way to begin the evolution of a product optimized for an application.